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The infra-laptop has allowed me to re-establish a physical connection with my instrument. As a result, I feel more engaged and less passive in performance. Following this period of research, I plan to develop the infra-laptop by programming Max/MSP (Cycling 74, 2019) patches tailored to dynamically alter the behaviour of the microphone/speaker feedback system.


Potential developments include:

  • panning the feedback between the laptop speakers (effecting feedback behaviour as well as stereo positioning)

  • using the feedback to control various oscillators

  • applying various filters to the feedback

  • sending the feedback through various audio effects (such as delay)

  • retrieving information from the built-in camera to detect the laptop lid angle

  • creating completely autonomous feedback systems

  • switching between external amplification and built-in speakers instantaneously, from within the software (without physically manipulating the audio connection)

  • controlling the patch externally when the lid is closed, via TouchOSC 

There is also potential for physical techniques to develop through further experimentation with the infra-laptop:

  • filtering with the hands and the mouth simultaneously

  • using voice to interfere with the feedback

  • using external implements (can a laptop be bowed?)

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